Case Study / Multi-Cloud Autobahn

MeatEater, a U.S. outdoor lifestyle company, partnered with Red Van to lead their migration to Salesforce, streamlining their storefront and management of their commerce business. Red Van’s Autobahn platform simplifies the use of Salesforce for commerce teams and delivers tight multi-Salesforce cloud integration. Coupled with Red Van’s people who possess deep Salesforce expertise and put client needs first, MeatEater and Red Van cultivated a thriving collaboration and an enduring partnership.


MeatEater Partners with Red Van to Re-Launch Their Multi-Cloud, Multi-Brand Commerce Business on Salesforce

CommerceCloud, Marketing Cloud & SOM (Salesforce Order Management)


MeatEater’s existing commerce platform, Shopify, was not able to support their increasingly complex needs as the company positioned itself for future growth. At the heart of this was the need for their order management and marketing automation systems to work seamlessly with their commerce platform so they could more easily offer a consistent customer experience from acquisition to loyalty across different channels for multiple brands.


MeatEater chose Red Van because they provided a platform, their proprietary Autobahn solution, that simplified how they operate with Salesforce in addition to the industry-wide Salesforce leadership within the company.

Red Van’s complete solution of software, the Autobahn Platform, coupled with implementation, support and training services, and Value-Driven Customer Success, delivered MeatEater a simple approach to transforming their commerce business around Salesforce—quickly. MeatEater used the Autobahn platform to deploy 4 different brand sites on Salesforce Commerce within one single architecture, as well as integrate their orders through Salesforce Order Management and marketing programs on Marketing Cloud.

The customer experience improved, including a single cart for multiple brands and a unified checkout process, which was not possible within Shopify. Red Van also created custom forms and integrated the Salesforce API to address specific use cases, such as custom, generic forms in SFCC to send data to Service Cloud, the basis of RVW’s connector cartridge to SFMC and Core that is within Autobahn.  MeatEater also leveraged Autobahn’s pre-built third-party integrations to deploy SF Pay, Affirm, Avalara, Power Reviews, and Narvar, which included customizations for managing returns and enabled two currencies within the platform (US and CA). The use of Autobahn eliminated the need for extensive customization, significantly reduced time and cost, and made it easier for their teams to manage their commerce efforts on Salesforce, driving greater team efficiency.

Red Van’s Roadside Assistance Services and Value-Added Customer Success allowed MeatEater to tap strategic expertise that not only got their Salesforce business to market quickly, but also filled gaps on their in-house team. Red Van’s implementation, support and training got the 4 sites up quickly, and 3 different Salesforce products – B2C Commerce, Order Management and Marketing– deployed and fully integrated for a Customer360 experience.  MeatEater also leveraged Red Van’s Technical Account Management (TAM), providing ongoing technical expertise for development, testing and launching of new capabilities to innovate their Salesforce-driven experiences.


The results for MeatEater were transformative. MeatEater quickly established a foundation for their online business that would grow with them as they scaled their businesses. Since launch, MeatEater saw their online business flourish, with key indicators such as revenue, conversion, and AOV increasing.

They provided their teams with more sophisticated capabilities on Salesforce to manage their online business, while at the same time empowering their team to work more efficiently than ever before. MeatEater did all this by launching 4 sites in less than 6 months while delivering a more seamless, consistent and powerful customer experience across all brands on all channels.   

Red Van also made Salesforce more sticky within MeatEater. By simplifying the team’s interaction with Salesforce products and integrating Salesforce Commerce, Order Management and Marketing Cloud, MeatEater realized a greater return on their investment in Salesforce through the adoption of its products, positioning the company for future growth with Salesforce. Red Van’s close collaboration with the MeatEater team also ensures the company is able to take advantage of new Salesforce innovations and address any challenges quickly, delivering greater value.

"The customer experience improved, including a single cart for multiple brands and a unified checkout process, which was not possible within Shopify."

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