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Case Study / SFRA Upgrade

Citizen has been a trusted name and brand leader in the watch industry for over 100 years. With its focus on forward-thinking, inclusive worldviews, Citizen came to Red Van Workshop to help continue their tradition of striving for better and making every moment count. The goals for Red Van were to deliver a migration from Site Genesis to SFRA while providing a base for an immersive brand experience that Citizen could continue to grow on. Our team built out the sites for both Citizen and its sibling company Bulova on the Autobahn for Commerce Cloud platform delivering a simplified, modern, digital commerce platform that would allow Citizen to grow forward.

SiteGen Upgrade with Autobahn

Flexible, Feature Rich & Multilingual

Citizen wanted to migrate from Commerce Cloud's Site Genesis platform to SFRA
Red Van built an SFRA site using Autobahn for Commerce Cloud, but we didn't stop there. Our goal is to deliver real solutions. Sometimes a migration across platforms requires substantial data changes, but our team worked to reduce overhead for the migration by developing to allow for all existing import and export integrations to continue seamlessly. This means Citizen could continue working with their existing catalog and order data without fears of data loss or added transition overhead. Included in this custom work were custom integrations with product information management (PIM) software and digital asset management (DAM) tools.
As a global brand Citizen needed to run multiple sites that were multilingual
One of the best parts of building Autobahn on Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the focus on true enterprise-level commerce solutions. Building the Citizen and Bulova sites on Autobahn allowed our team to deliver the ability for the client to create new sites as needed and have each address the multilingual needs of the particular brand. Additionally, Red Van took the time while developing Autobahn to ensure that each of these sites would be extensible with integrations needed for that particular brand or region. The result is that Citizen can now stand up branded sites for various global markets with little to no additional development cost.
The Citizen and Bulova brands required a rich and immersive experience
Red Van worked with our design partners at Elva to deliver a set of designs that utilized immersive motion, art, and video. Oftentimes this requires substantial effort from a front-end development standpoint, but Red Van was able to identify extension points of the Autobahn platform that allowed the creation of this immersive content within the CMS. Our goal wasn't just to set up the site with one or two "cool" pages, but create a system that allowed Citizen to continually create fresh and engaging content. If our client is focused on forward-thinking technology, so are we.

Improved Interaction for Citizen and Their Shoppers

At Red Van, our goal is always to deliver solutions that not only improve end user interaction with technology, but improve how our clients interact with the tools we build. That's why we were able to assess and address data portability, integration with unique asset management tools, and how we also built self-initiated customer returns. When Citizen asked us to work on this feature, we understood that allowing a customer to initiate a return and print their own shipping label directly from their order history served multiple purposes. It added an extra level of immersion for Citizen's customers, but also served to remove friction on the return process for Citizen as well.