Autobahn Express: Fast, Powerful, Flexible

Autobahn Express brings speed to market, unparalleled performance, and an uncanny amount of codeless customization to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Ready to roll?

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Launch in a Month.

You don’t want to wait 3-4 months. We get it. That’s why with Autobahn Express, we’ve given you a rolling start. Your site can be provisioned within a few days allowing you to go to market in as little as one month. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you.

You get the power of an integrated enterprise-level platform to launch your storefront, manage orders, connect with customers, and build content at the speed of less capable platforms. That’s pole position.

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Seamless Integration of the Best Ecommerce Products from Salesforce.

  • International and multi-brand site capable out of the box
  • Powerful enterprise-grade promotions engine
  • Email marketing with emails styled to match your site branding
  • Full-featured order management
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Autobahn Express leverages Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Order Management, and Marketing Cloud to create a feature-rich enterprise platform for your business.

Enterprise Performance Positioned for Your Growing Business.

Autobahn Express introduces true enterprise performance and scalability, packaged to let you focus on growing your business, not worrying about growing out of your current system. This means as your business grows, you don’t need to re-platform to a “plus” option on a new architecture to keep up with your growth.

We built Autobahn Express on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a true enterprise commerce solution. But we didn’t stop there — Autobahn Express seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Order Management, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Pay; and when we say it’s seamless, we mean zero coding is required, and you can manage it yourself.

Autobahn Express also comes with integrations from other industry leaders. Integrations that the team at Red Van Workshop built and tested to ensure they work and don’t degrade your site’s performance.

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Fast and Accessible

Delivering scalable performance is why our engineers focused on mobile enhancements, page speed, ADA compliance, SEO, and coding best practices. These things matter when it comes to who can find your store, use it fast and effectively, and ultimately become brand loyal.

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Curated and Configurable for Your Brand.

Through Autobahn Express, your team will have access to the same tools that industry-leading brands use to increase conversion, drive brand loyalty, and manage a growing online storefront.

Tools like Page Designer for better content management, smarter product recommendations with Einstein, and a fully featured pricing and promotions engine are all reasons why Red Van Workshop chose to build Autobahn Express on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. On top of these Commerce Cloud features, our team also implemented user-friendly, code-free tools to help you better build pages and manage products.

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Ready for Express?

We built Autobahn Express to bring a curated and intuitive set of enterprise commerce tools to growing online businesses. If you’re ready to take a look at how the platform can help you grow your brand, we’d love to show you a demo.

We’re not going to lie, there are cheaper options out there. We also aren’t lying when we say you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value for a business that is serious about growing online; without the headaches of having to re-platform several times during growth to maintain their online shop.