Autobahn Express

Built for Speed

Say hello to the easy-to-use, Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront that's been optimized for page speed, performance, and accessibility. Autobahn Express is architected to deliver a rich and engaging shopping experience while being easy to manage and scoring insanely high on performance and speed tests.

P.S. Those scores in that picture? They're real numbers from a live shop built on Autobahn Express. Yeah... told ya.

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Lighthouse scores 98 performance, 98 accessibility, 100 seo

Performance Baked In

You don’t have to be a performance expert to have a fast site! Every site we launch boasts Google Lighthouse Scores in the high 90s out of 100. What’s even better is that because we bake the performance directly into the architecture, Autobahn Express provides guardrails to keep ongoing content creation from slowing you down, without the need for expensive audits and developers.

The Autobahn Express ecommerce storefront has been fully architected, from the ground up, to be lighter, faster, more dynamic, fully responsive, and 100% mobile first. This allows our customers to quickly create on-brand content without custom code, and without any negative performance impacts.

Dynamic Content Tools

Engage Shoppers Without Making Them Wait

Baked in mobile-specific tool sets allow content creators to tailor each device experience to maximize pagespeed, efficiency, and storytelling.

Image and video dashboard settings

Rich Media & Lazy Loading

Have big, complex content like full page videos, image galleries, animations, etc? No worries. With our clicks-not-code, smart lazy loading modules, you can drop any content you create into unobtrusive, dynamic components so they don’t slow down the rest of your page.

Responsive & Flexible

Want to show different content and have different layouts based on mobile, tablet, and desktop? We’ve got you covered. Our no-code UX options and design systems give you the flexibility to tailor and manage each device experience in an easy, centralized fashion.

responsive media settings in autobahn express
Animation settings in Autobahn Express

Tuned Animations & Video

You don’t have to give up engaging, interactive content for page speed performance! Our design framework and content modules all come standard with out-of-the-box animations, video capabilities, and interactive features that have been specifically tuned and architected from the ground up, to give your users the captivating experience you want, without paying for it with slow page speeds.

Optimized Compression & Delivery

Serve up fast, optimized images on any device, without the headache of having to manually cut and crop. We leverage a powerful service for your images that comes out-of-the-box, and then supercharge it, by giving you the tools to easily modify how they are dynamically sized, saved and displayed. Simply upload your big, beautiful imagery, choose where you want the center of attention to be, and let the service automatically cut and crop for the other devices. Tweak image compression, and quality so you can fine-tune your media and find that sweet spot for attention grabbing, crisp images that are also lightweight.

Image optimization settings in Autobahn Express

Ready for Express?

We built Autobahn Express to bring a curated and intuitive set of enterprise commerce tools to growing online businesses. If you’re ready to take a look at how the platform can help you grow your brand, we’d love to show you a demo.

We’re not going to lie, there are cheaper options out there. We also aren’t lying when we say you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value for a business that is serious about growing online; without the headaches of having to re-platform several times during growth to maintain their online shop.