Salesforce B2B Commerce

Giving B2B the Attention it Deserves

If you're going to sell to other businesses online you better be on a platform that is geared to businesses. Salesforce B2B Commerce and Red Van Workshop can help deliver solutions to address the complexities of selling from one business to another.

Business to Business Ecommerce. Done Right.

With 8 out of 10 buyers preferring digital or remote ordering and reordering B2B Ecommerce is growing rapidly. At Red Van we take that seriously. Our core Salesforce developers and B2B experts can help you integrate with your business systems to address unique business to business challenges, such as large order size, complex shipping and order management, and unique pricing agreements you may have with your clients. Our goal is to partner with you and help deliver a solution that is right for your business.

What can you expect from us?


We're a cross-cloud company that has been building complex commerce solutions for unique businesses since the day it opened shop.


We know Commerce Cloud. We've also brought in framework solutions from our B2C offerings to improve usability and performance.


We'll work with your internal teams to create a solution that serves your needs. No more trying to fit you into a box... We'll build what you need.


We’re all on-shore — No more communication bottlenecks or waiting for the team to wake up.

Thriving Remotely.

We’re a bit Different (But In a Cool Way)

We were started by technologists, who then brought in the best people they could find. When we saw that there were not enough good people in the space, we undertook building a training program to make more. We focus on creating an environment where remote, technical people can thrive, and do their best work. Because this is what creates the best results for our clients.