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Stitched Different

Stance is “stitched different” and believes in a life that’s anything but ordinary—so you know they’re our kind of people. We couldn’t be happier to work with them and launch the new, taking them from Site Gen to the latest and greatest Salesforce SFRA through an Autobahn migration.

stance-on-galaxy.jpg on Autobahn

stance-on-imac.jpg on Autobahn


Stance search as you type with custom result types and wayfinding. displayed on a macbook mockup on Autobahn

A Better Path to SFRA

Site Gen updates don't have to be daunting and costly, long projects. Autobahn is the fastest and most stable way to get your site back up to date and eliminate your tech debt. One of the standout front-end highlights is the use of Autobahn to simplify content management by breaking down content modules into a set of building blocks for more flexibility while keeping a clean and manageable code base. Autobahn creates a living ecosystem of components that can build and grow on each other to produce increasingly complex pieces of content without increasing the codebase complexity at a similar scale, making it much more manageable for a content editor to use. Stance is leveraging the Page Designer components built for them to manage almost everything on the site, and we love seeing them use it to its full potential. Congrats to the entire team!

“Working with Red Van Workshop has been an absolute delight for my team and me. We had some very specific requirements for the new website and came to them with custom designs and they were able to turn that into a fantastic new experience for our customers. We’ve enabled our content and merchandising teams to do so many new things, as well as unlocking items on our future roadmap. We look forward to using our new website and continuing our relationship with Red Van Workshop into the future.“

Matthew Ray, Enterprise Architect @ Stance