About Red Van Workshop

By Technologists, for Technologists

All Remote. All Onshore.

Founded in 2014 by 5 seasoned Salesforce ecommerce technologists (2 in Colorado and 3 in Michigan) who had worked together at various brands, Red Van Workshop has been completely remote and onshore from the beginning. We firmly believe this provides the best experience to our clients, which in turn yields the best results. There is no office, there will never be an office, we want everyone to do their work from wherever they do their best work.

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Built well, by people who give a shit.

Salesforce Ecommerce Solutions

We started Red Van organically, building it one client relationship, one ecommerce website, one successful launch at a time. From the initial 5 partners, we expanded to our first 10 employees by the end of 2015. Every year after that, continuing to add to our client base, and continuing to hire carefully. Today we are 130+ people, located in 25+ states, and only 3 time zones away at most.

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The Van is Loaded, Let's Go for a Ride

Autobahn Express allows some of our clients to only really rely on us for support (truly clicks, not code), but if you’re looking to go on a roadtrip with us, we can build you a team, made up of experienced, technical people.

Want to throw a design agency in the back seat? No problem. Do you have internal developers who want in? Let’s do it. We’ll build a team specifically for you and your project. We’ll work to estimate the work, break it down enough so that we know what you’ll need to make it all the way to the end, and put you on track for a successful launch (or re-launch, or feature push, or whatever your goal is).

Success is a Two-Way Street.

From the very beginning, the culture of Red Van demanded we find clients who would be willing to truly partner with our people as peers, and not simply as vendors. Our employees could work anywhere they want, but they choose to work here. That’s because we back them up and find them clients who are looking to engage with the work, to truly be enterprise ecommerce.

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Great Place to Work

Our people like solving difficult problems, learning new skills, streamlining processes, and succeeding with our clients. We enjoy doing it alongside some of the brightest and most talented people we’ve ever worked with, and we like doing it from wherever we do our best work. When you [partner with us](/contact/, you’ll see the difference. Come work with us, and you’ll see why we’re a certified Great Place to Work.